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Physical rehab programme

Back Care at the Wellness Centre, Stevenage Swimming Centre

Making small changes to your lifestyle can help you to avoid or cope with back pain. Most back pain is due to weak core muscles, incorrect posture, a sedentary lifestyle and lack of flexibility. Our team of qualified Kinesis Consultants and Sports Therapists will help you to understand and improve your back problem.


Back To Basics

  • Tuesday 6.00pm – 7.00 pm
  • Basic generic back care exercises with individual specific specifications if required
  • Part of the Wellness membership or pay as you go option

Kinesis sessions

  • Functional, total body workout exercise session focusing on strength, flexibility, toning and core muscle recruitment.
  • Specific sessions for seniors and beginners
  • Part of the Wellness membership or pay as you go option


  • Recommended for customers who have attended Back to Basic or Kinesis sessions . Pilates can be suitable for customers who have not attended these sessions but only if their problem are mild.
  • Concentrates on core strength and stability predominantly but incorporates a total body workout.

6 Week Back Care Course

This course includes the following sessions:

  • Week 1 .What is Back Pain? – The importance of good posture and Core muscle strength, what can go wrong? How to activate core muscles, The Importance of Flexibility
  • Week 2. Goal setting - Discussion to help you set your individual goals, Introduction of the Stability Ball
  • Week 3. Psychological Effects of Back Pain – How to change your perceived pain limitations,
  • Week 4. Pain Management - How stress management and relaxation techniques can help you to manage your personal pain thresholds, Relaxation session
  • Week 5. Introduction to Kinesis - The importance of being physically active, exercise session
  • Week 6. Healthy lifestyles – weight management, smoking cessation, Kinesis activity session

For more details and to enrol on the Back Care waiting list call 01438 218770 Or email:

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Consultant spinal surgeon, Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore

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