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  • I wanted to write a letter to you because I'm so grateful to you and your team at the pain management clinc. After spending over 15 years with the most horrendous headaches and seeing dozens of different doctors and therapists finally you have managed to get them under control. Thanks you for taking the time to genuinely listen to me and my problems. Much appreciated.

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Post surgical Pain - Pain that persists after surgery

Chronic post surgical pain is one of the commonest complications of surgery

Any form of surgery has the potential to cause damage in the long term. Skin, muscles and bones will heal over time but there is increasing evidence that there can be long term damage and sensitisation of the nerves which if not treated early can lead to chronic pain problems.

Even simple operations such as dental surgery are associated with continued pain in 10% of patients.  This increases to nearly 25% in knee and hip surgery, up to 50% of those having hernia repair, breast surgery with even greater chances in those having amputation and thoracotomy.

The type of anaesthetic you receive and the ability to treat pain well in the early post –operative period is known to be important, however if this fails to help then there a number of other treatment options.


  • Medications: These will be focused on anti-nerve medication.
  • Lidoderm patch:  A local anaesthetic impregnated skin patch useful in sensitive scar pain. Safe with very few side effects.
  • Trigger point injections:  Local anaesthetic and steroid is injected into the tender area to treat residual inflammation around nerve.
  • Pulsed denervation technique: This is a technique that uses small pulses of electricity applied close to the sensitised nerve to "reset" the nerve back to normal functioning. It is useful in a number of post-surgical and nerve related conditions.
  • Spinal cord stimulation: A highly effective and advanced treatment for leg and back pain post spinal surgery (Failed Back Surgery Syndrome).

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