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  • I wanted to write a letter to you because I'm so grateful to you and your team at the pain management clinc. After spending over 15 years with the most horrendous headaches and seeing dozens of different doctors and therapists finally you have managed to get them under control. Thanks you for taking the time to genuinely listen to me and my problems. Much appreciated.

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Chronic low Back Pain

Back Pain is considered chronic if it has been present for greater than 3 months.

There are a number of conditions where ongoing damage with inflammation, spinal instability or degeneration, lead to chronic low back symptoms.  The structures involved in generating the pain can present in similar ways and clinical examination and MRI findings in many cases cannot give a clear cut diagnosis.  In these situations spinal injections not only serve as a treatment but also help identify the cause.

The three main structures implicated in chronic spinal pain are listed below in order of prevalence with potential injection therapies.

Why does pain persist after natural healing ?

Sensitised nervous system

In the remaining 35% of patients, even after the original injury or disease process has healed, sensitised nerve pathways continue to send signals to the brain. The persistence of pain beyond the normal healing time is poorly understood. These signals feel just as real as and sometimes worse than the pain caused by the original injury or disease process.

Weak core muscles

Despite pain originating from one structure within the spine there is always profound changes in the muscular support of the spine. Even a short term reduction in activity in the spine can lead to dramatic weakness in the CORE MUSCLES that support the spine. These muscles act as the shock absorbers of the spine. When combined with weight gain this can lead to considerable stresses on the spine.

What features of my pain are associated with a prolonged recovery ?

Our mood, beliefs about pain and the way we engage in rehabilitation are all factors that have a major impact on prolonging recovery.  These factors are called yellow flag symptoms.


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